Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new book.

If you like parody/spoofs of the fiction fantasy genre, then you need to read my upcoming book "Fantastica" that will be available on Amazon later this month. Will give more details about it later.

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  1. [PRIVATE COMMENT -- I am posting it here only because I do not have an e-mail address for you...]

    Hi there... I think you're "Starchaser3000" on the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums... right?

    I was reading some of the comments directed against you by "Old Hack", who is one of the moderators of the "Self-Publishing and POD" sub-forum, on that site.

    Just wanted to tell you that after being subjected to the same kind of pompous, self-righteous dressing-down that you encountered, due to forum posts (in the "I'm In The Times Today" thread), I contacted the AW forum admins and requested that my account be removed from their site, since I could no longer tolerate the kind of juvenile put-downs that the forum admins seem to delight in.

    It is one thing for the administrators of a private Website (such as AW) to try to enforce some basic rules of courtesy; as I made clear to them in my parting comments, neither I nor any other reasonable person would object to prohibitions against "flaming", swear words or similar forms of unprofessional speech.

    However, as I also pointed out, no self-respecting person would voluntarily participate in a forum where rude, condescending and totally unnecessary, public put-downs, can be inflicted on people (like yourself, or myself), who could not possibly have suspected that they are breaking the rules (the rules, of course, are totally subjective, and they seem to depend on what mood the forum admins happen to be in, today).

    I told AW Water Cooler that I wanted nothing more to do with them, since their forum admins don't seem to understand the difference from "moderating" a discussion and "being on an imaginary power trip over people who can't dispute their arbitrary, rude ad hoc rulings".

    I'd suggest that you seriously consider doing the same, unless, of course, you like being lectured at, by the strutting little AW forum admins, every time that you say something they take offense to.


    "Mr. Bill"
    Author, The Angel Brings Fire series of novels